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Lake of the Ozarks Captains Association

The Lake of the Ozarks Captains Association (LOTOCA) is a professional not for profit 501c (3) organization for Coast Guard-licensed captains who operate primarily on Lake of the Ozarks and Waters of the state of Missouri, and serve the maritime public.

LOTOCA seeks to promote safety, education and good fellowship between operators and, The Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Counsel, the United States Coast Guard, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Patrol Division.

Lake of the Ozarks Captain’s Association (LOTOCA) is a group of dedicated US Coast Guard licensed captains that are here to make your boating experience easy, safe and fun!

Your LOTOCA Captain can offer:

  • Convenience – We make your ride on Lake of the Ozarks easy.
  • Safety – A US Coast Guard licensed Captain is trained to make your ride safe, so relax and enjoy!
  • Variety – Whether you want a charter for the day, a relaxing trip to dinner, or a sunset cruise, a LOTOCA Captain can give you a memorable ride.
  • Fun – LOTOCA Captains can make your ride easy, so you can do what you came here for – TO HAVE FUN!
  • Experience – LOTOCA Captains have knowledge of lake history, fun facts.
  • Education – learn boating technics, improve existing boating skills, increase boating confidence.


So that our lake boaters have a direct link to Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River. Based on the nature of individual questions, our Public Affairs Officers will respond to questions within a week – often within a couple of days.


Nothing Beats Sightseeing from the Water

From the sunrises and sunsets to watching the waves and enjoying a little time on the deck, going out on the water is always a good time. Lake of the Ozarks Captains Association provides chartered boating and sailing excursions that are perfect for enjoying time off, celebrating an engagement, or taking clients out for an evening.

With flexible scheduling and charter packages available, we do our best to accommodate you and your guests. You can choose from day, evening, and overnight charters.